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Get to know me
and my philosophy

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A B O U T  M E

Carolyn Davies
CNVC Certified Trainer

I grew up in Australia and began a career in television in the mid 90’s producing and directing documentary/current affairs programmes for the ABC.


In my work I had so many different relationships to manage; people with different needs and expectations and despite my best intentions it was a pretty tough gig managing the stress, keeping things balanced and moving forward.


In 2004 I discovered Nonviolent Communication and was blown away!  I took it into my next TV job and saw it make a huge difference to the way I approached the people and the demands I faced and I have been a passionate NVC practitioner ever since.  


I moved to London in 2005 and continued to Produce and Direct TV programmes for the BBC and ITV, nurturing my NVC skills on the side.

In 2014 I became a Certified Trainer with CNVC.


I am passionate about the potential NVC has to transform relationships with ourselves and others.  I have a strong interest in bringing NVC into workplaces to deal with stress and conflict.  I’m also passionate about it complimenting approaches to mental health challenges like depression and anxiety.

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