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Carolyn  Davies

Mindful Communication

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Carolyn Davies

CNVC Certified Trainer

Nonviolent Communication

I grew up in Australia and began a career in television in the mid 90’s producing and directing documentary/current affairs programmes for the ABC.

In my work I had so many different relationships to manage; people with different needs and expectations and despite my best intentions...

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Nonviolent Communication


Would you like to:


  • Improve your listening and empathy skills?

  • Speak up more about the things that matter to you?

  • Have the tools to transform conflict?

  • Break patterns of Anger, Guilt and Depression?


So often we think we have communicated effectively, only to discover that that was not the case.  It can be difficult to put our finger on what went wrong and that’s where the theory and practice Nonviolent Communication (NVC) comes in.


NVC also known as Compassionate Communication, fosters compassion and understanding in our interactions with family, friends, workmates and ourselves.  Based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg PHD, NVC provides a subtle yet powerful framework to support effective communication.


You will learn how to:


  • Skillfully listen to friends, family and work mates.

  • Negotiate for the things that matter to you.

  • Learn to recognize and live from your values.

  • Develop your wisdom and the skills to create a happier more effective life.


I offer empathetic listening and coaching using the NVC framework. Sessions can be booked face to face in London or online via Zoom or Skype.

NVC Courses

I offer introductory and intermediate NVC trainings.  My training style is fun, participatory with an emphasis on practice.  No pre-requisites are required for this training.