Drawing on the work of International NVC Trainer Robert Gonzales.


In this workshop we will be exploring relational aspects of NVC and the space between us using Roberts's Dyad Practice a mindfulness practice that supports inquiry into the embodied experience of Needs.


On this one-day training, we will:

Use experiential exercises and examples from our own lives to:

  • will explore look at Robert's construct of how protective structures function
  • bring curiosity, compassion and kindness to stories and judgements about ourselves and others
  • practice embodied awareness of the living energy of needs.


Who is this training for?

This event is for those who want to deepen their understanding and experience of NVC in theory and practice.   A pre-requisite is that will have completed a two-day foundation training in NVC, or equivalent and want to integrate and embody NVC more fully in your life. This will ensure a common foundation for intermediate level engagement and practice.


What is the NVC Intermediate London Training?

The London Intermediate programme consists of 10 days of training across the course of a year, approx one day per month. Each training stands alone. You can attend as few or as many of the days as you wish.  Each day is facilitated by London-based certified NVC trainers – for information about other days in this programme follow this link NOW

How much does it cost? 

Individual daily rate: £80 (If you are a regular employee and you will be paying for the training from your own pocket).

Small charity daily rate: £100 (If you work for a charity, with fewer than 15 employees, and they will pay for your training.

Public sector / Large charity daily rate: £120 (If you work for a public sector organisation, such as a local council or the NHS, or a charity with more than 15 employees, and they will pay for the training).

Private sector rate: £150. (If you work for a profit-making company who will pay for the training).

If any of the above prices would make it difficult for you to attend, please contact me – concessions are available.



Intermediate - Sep 19, 2020 -£80-£150

  • Full refund up until 1 week before the training begins. After that the full cost minus a £20 fee will be available for refund up until 24 hours before the training begins.  

Contact Me 

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